Biden not up to the job

To the editor:

Americans don’t leave Americans behind unless you’re Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton. Biden’s negotiations with the Taliban aren’t progress, they’re capitulation. The Taliban don’t want Biden or Kamala Harris as hostages, they’re doing more good for them here. Where’s Harris, the intelligentsia of Biden’s administration, during Afghanistan crisis? Roaming Southeast Asia looking for the Mexican border. Why would Russia, China, North Korea or Iran attack America — they have Democrats for that.

Biden’s ungodly staff keeps saying they will hold the Taliban accountable for killing 13 of our military heroes. What are they doing about it? Biden wears a black mask at arrival of America’s deceased military heroes. He should wear black gloves to hide the blood on his hands and stop looking at his watch as if he’s bored.

Two Jefferson County Progressive Democrat Coalition supporters, Biden’s useful idiots, tried in vain last week to divert attention away from Biden’s failures. They rant nonsense about U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson. The writers are fait accompli to Biden’s blunders and don’t know what to do about them. Why aren’t they praising Biden’s deeds, like begging OPEC to produce more oil so he can keep energy prices low — the price of gasoline was $3.09 a gallon this past Wednesday. Moron, you closed down our energy independence.

Biden has proven he’s inept, incompetent, bumbling, obtuse, incoherent, dumb, dimwitted, feckless, a buffoon, liar, cheat, moron, idiot, knucklehead, abortionist and a plagiarist. I didn’t say pitiful because that implies he deserves pity — he doesn’t: He deserves impeachment. Progressives, prove me wrong.

Some say we all have a doppelganger. I found Biden’s: Jeff Durham’s dummy Walter, except Walter has brains. Everyone knew Biden was a nitwit when he preferred Harris as vice president. She called him racist and polled 1 percent during presidential debates. America has to outlast these numskulls.

Biden claims he has the most diverse cabinet ever. Unfortunately diversity doesn’t come with wisdom or brains and they’re proving it.

He supports abortion over life, illegal aliens over Americans, non-vetted refugees over American veterans, foreign energy over our own, Marxism over capitalism and he’s going to lecture me on morals.

I’ve been flying my flag upside down and at half staff since Biden was inaugurated. Half staff for sympathy, upside down for distress. America is experiencing both. Biden has proven me right.

He knocked on wood during a TV interview hoping everything will be all right in Afghanistan. Just what America needs — an idiot making decisions based on superstition. At a recent press conference said he was instructed to take the first question from an NBC reporter. Instructed? By whom? The progressive media is as corrupt as Biden’s son, Hunter the sniffer, exploiter of prostitutes.

It’s a shame to think we’d be better off with wrong-way Harris. At least she’ll spend all her time looking for the Mexican border and not looking at note cards telling her what day it is and the names of her cabinet members or husband.

Barry Bardone



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