Don’t let lies taint your heart

To the editor:

Every day, hour after hour, I see headlines spewed across the news about how different the races are. How one race thinks that it is better, or one thinks that all others are against them and out to get them.

Let me tell you, no race is better or worse than the other. After serving for nearly nine years in the United States Navy, I have served side-by-side with most every race and every color.

There are great people among the citizens of the Earth, and there are also deadbeats and slackers. Not one single race stood out as being superior or inferior.

There are hard-working parents doing the best that they can to feed their children, there are people working to educate themselves after a hard day’s work to improve themselves, there are those going above and beyond what is asked of them or is in their job description. Then there are those who steal, lie, cheat, slack off or are only serving to avoid a jail sentence. I have seen it in every race. Not once did it ever come across my mind in the nine years in the military that one race is above all others.

Do not let the lies of the media contaminate your heart. We are all human beings, and united we stand, or divided we shall fall.

Colleen Bake

Mingo Junction


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