Waiting for Biden’s achievements

To the editor:

There still are no letters from valley communists about President Joe Biden’s achievements. They can’t defend the highest gas prices in decade, $3.20 and rising; the worst job report in two decades; the highest inflation rate in three decades; and the highest illegal alien infiltration rate in four decades.

One writer’s feeble attempt at humor failed. More readers laughed at him than his limerick.

Saying Biden is America’s savior from the virus is a lie — everyone with a brain knows former President Donald Trump initiated the research and distribution of vaccine.

Biden didn’t mention God in a prayer on Proclamation Day. Maybe he forgot. He does that a lot. He forgot he’s Catholic and shouldn’t accept abortion and drug use. Half of Biden’s voters feel remorse, and the other half don’t feel anything because they were dead to begin with.

Why are most unions obedient to Democrats? When are unions going to learn Democrats only want their vote? Clinton killed valley steel, and Biden killed pipeline, coal, gas and thousands of other union jobs. Unions demand workers join a union or they can’t work. They take dues and give the money to the Democrats without your approval. Who are they to say who works and who doesn’t?

Rating Vice President Kamala Harris: 43 percent approve and 48 percent disapprove.

Biden would rather build houses and give money to illegal aliens than our honorable homeless veterans. Biden and Harris have revealed their disdain for our military. They were no-shows on Memorial Day and didn’t acknowledge D-Day. Disgraceful.

A writer wants to abolish the filibuster. Why wasn’t this suggested when Republicans had the majority? There’s mention of the For the People Act. It’s a progressive power grab. Put it on the ballot, and see if it passes. We’ll have to monitor Democratic precincts. That is the democratic process, giving voice to the minority, which progressives say they champion unless they’re in power.

Russia is hacking our infrastructure and Biden states ISIS, al-Qaida, Iran, China and North Korea are not a threat to America — white supremacy is. Those who believe this are just as stupid. Who voted this old, white man, supporter of KKK members, in? Where are the NAACP and others who should be condemning Hunter Biden’s use of the N-word several times on his computer?

Biden’s incompetent transportation secretary remarked about gas prices: “Just drive electric cars and they’ll be no gas shortage.” Let’s enlighten this dunderhead: Electric car parts are hard to find, there is a lack service centers, they lead to higher electric bills, have small cargo capacity, require high-priced charging stations, have slow charging times, carry a high purchase price, have no record for trade-in price, use batteries that are expensive to replace, limit the ability of owners to self-repair and have a low mileage range.

Keep critical race theory and the 1619 Project out of schools. They’re propagandists and racists. Democratic illuminati use these to divide the races. If whites are so racist, who elected Obuma?

Barry Bardone



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