Fact-checking a letter

To the editor:

Poor Ross Gallabrese. Part of his job is crafting headlines for the weekly letters that summarize the theme. That must be nearly impossible when, like last weekend, Barry Bardone submits one of his disjointed rambling screeds. Fortunately, the editor doesn’t also have to fact check. But I’m going to.

The 500-word limit. Let’s do this.

Bardone’s first claim was Biden has overseen the highest gas prices in a decade. This is false. According to Statista.com, the price of gas was higher in 2012, both in real dollars and when adjusted for inflation.

Next, he says we’re seeing the highest inflation in three decades. Well, reopening a post-pandemic economy will do that since demand’s outpacing supply, but wages are also going up, and the price of some of the drivers (such as lumber) is already tumbling.

He then remarks on what he calls “the highest illegal alien infiltration rate in four decades.” I have no idea which orifice he pulled this stat from, but the peak year was 2012.

He next claims “former President Donald Trump initiated the research and distribution of vaccine.” Untrue again. When Biden’s team got control of the distribution plan they learned Trump’s team had none. They had to start from scratch, and still wound up ahead of schedule.

He then said Biden didn’t mention God in a prayer. First off, who cares? Secondly, if it was a prayer, why would he need to mention God? Does God not know he’s the one being prayed to?

He then made a snide remark about Biden forgetting that as a Catholic he shouldn’t accept abortion. Actually, the Bible never once condemns abortion. The Catholic church also condemns war, the death penalty and adultery. Ask Catholic Republicans Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich their positions on those issues, respectively.

After some garbled non-sequitors about unions, he mentions Kamala Harris’ approval rating which he says is 43 percent. I wonder why he didn’t mention Biden’s rating? Regardless, Harris’ favorability is on par with most former veeps, including Pence.

He then claimed Biden didn’t honor Memorial Day, which is demonstrably false. Biden attended church and then a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington.

Next, he comments on Democrats’ efforts to end the filibuster, saying, “Why wasn’t this suggested when Republicans had the majority?” As Biden might say, “Come on, man.” After Democrats filibustered the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch, Mitch McConnell and the GOP changed Senate rules and installed him with only three Democratic Party votes.

Bardone then paraphrased the president’s remarks in Tulsa and actually got his words correct, but somehow got the context completely wrong.

Next, he argued against what appears to be an utterly fabricated Pete Buttigieg quote about EVs. I have no idea how to rebut that particular straw man.

Finally, Bardone referenced my letter from last month which was written entirely in verse. He was not a fan. Oh, well; to paraphrase Rick Sanchez, “Your boos mean nothing to me, Bardone. I’ve seen what makes you cheer.”

J. David Core



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