Addressing inaccuracies

To the editor:

There was a letter in the June 13 edition that contained some glaring inaccuracies (“Waiting for Biden’s achievements”) — let’s address some of them, shall we?

First, this president and all presidents before him have absolutely no control over gas prices. If you don’t know this by now I suggest you read the Forbes article by Robert Rapier — he explains in simple language that even a “dunderhead” could understand.

Second, President Joe Biden’s personal religious beliefs have no place in American secular government. I don’t consider any politician to be a savior, and if the writer thinks Donald Trump was his savior, I think his “god” wouldn’t be too happy about that — you know false idols and whatnot.

Third, the tired trope that Bill Clinton killed steel when it was really George H.W. Bush is getting really old.

In 2016, Trump had wide support from unions, but then he won and showed his true colors so in 2020 union support swung to Biden. It’s not Biden’s fault that Don the Con would rather help his wealthy supporters over union workers.

Fourth, nobody pays attention to approval ratings, dude, I mean Republicans certainly didn’t care that Trump’s numbers were upside down for four years.

Fifth, the filibuster isn’t going anywhere. It should go into the trash but it won’t, so move along already.

Sixth, worried about Russia hackers now? Don’t make me laugh — hey it could be China or some 400-pound guy on his couch, right? Your fake concern is laughable and pretty pathetic.

Seventh, H.R. 1 has wide support, from 67 percent of all Americans. Only scared, old white men and those who listen only to OAN, Newsmax and Fox are afraid of it. Turn off the TV and talk to people outside of your bubble and you just might learn something new.

Eighth, complaining about electric vehicles? Not enough cargo space for big, tough American men? Sir may I introduce you to the 2022 Ford F 150 all electric full-size pickup truck?

Ninth, critical race theory never has been taught in elementary or high schools, it is only taught in law schools. Right-wing-leaning news sources are trying to scare you, and obviously it’s working.

Tenth, the 1619 Project is a history project and if you only want to hear history that says America is the best and nothing we ever did was wrong and you only want to feel happy and proud when you learn history, then you aren’t learning history, you are learning propaganda. History will make you proud sometimes, sure, but it also will make you uncomfortable and angry, too That’s how we can grow and progress and become better as a nation by learning from mistakes in our past and striving to never let those things happen again.

Written by a proud member of the Democratic illuminati.

Barbara Davis



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