Where are Biden’s accomplishments?

To the editor:

We owe illegal aliens nothing and our veterans everything.

Another history lesson for progressives who are hypocritical and history deniers: One writer has an obvious hatred of old white men. I’ll go back 160 years to enlighten them. A president and 400,000 white men gave their lives to free Blacks.

Old, white Republican men voted to pass the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, while Democrats founded the KKK. Old white men in Congress voted for women’s suffrage and voting rights. If it wasn’t for old, white Republicans, the 1964 Civil Rights Act would not have passed. If it wasn’t for white men you’d be speaking German or Japanese. I’m sure the writer will give up Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon because white men founded them. A simple thank you would suffice.

The first slave holders in America? Native Americans — they raided each others’ villages and enslaved captives.

Trump lowered the corporate tax rate and got Ford to commit hundreds of millions to the Avon, Ohio, plant. Joe Biden raises taxes and Ford is moving the whole project to Mexico. Union members for Biden.

Another writer wants the Jefferson County commissioners and us to return our stimulus checks. I will as soon as she gives back her payroll and income tax savings, savings on gas prices and home electric bills and stimulus check.

Biden boasts “Hunter is the smartest person I know.” Wow — they both smoked grated cheese?

But it does reveal his incompetence at picking his administration. They were chosen based on race, sex and sexual wannabee, not on knowledge or ability. Example: Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary, a guy who couldn’t run a town of 150,000 and wants to tax the miles we drive. Pathetic.

Trump took down ISIS — Biden has taken down Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head. Biden locks down D.C. from Americans and opens borders to illegals without masks or vaccinations. Illegals nullify the jobs, votes and wages of Americans.

The laugh of Vice President Kamala Harris serves as a defense mechanism to deflect her insane comments and inadequacies. She’s in over her head. She was appointed the border crises czar — where is she? Picking out curtains for her residence. Biden taps Harris to go to Central America to stem the flow of illegals. That’s like asking Poseidon to stop the flow of Niagara Falls. Did she go? Does she know where Central America is? It’s not Kansas.

Reasons why progressives voted for Biden: He surrounds himself with inexperienced and incompetent staff, destroys the fossil fuel industry and millions of jobs, brings higher taxes and higher energy prices, he’s for America last, he destroys union jobs, is a liar and adores nepotism, wants open borders and Americans to pay for illegals — with no clue on how to control the coronavrius, has an intellect on par with Curly Howard, is anti-worker — loves foreign workers — and he’s not a moderate or unifier.

Have you read progressives bragging about Biden’s accomplishments? No, because there aren’t any.

Barry Bardone



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