Trump’s inaction was deadly

To the editor:

Dr. Deborah Birx, a highly respected medical professional who had been appointed as coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force in February 2020 by then-President Donald J. Trump, recently made a number of very revealing, as well as very troubling, comments regarding the former president, in particular his leadership, or rather, lack thereof, in combating the effects of the deadly pandemic on the citizens of our great nation.

Birx, who came to her White House assignment with very impressive credentials, including her involvement serving on the internationally acclaimed HIV-AIDS detection and prevention programs, is said to have impeccable integrity and professionalism.

In a recent CNN interview, Birx stated frankly that Trump was a “negligent and disastrously ignorant boss” whose strategy to address this national crisis essentially was to “deny science and the facts,” and she estimated that although 100,000 U.S. deaths were, sadly, unavoidable, she clearly placed the lion’s share of the responsibility for the 500,000 deaths in excess of the 100,000 on the former president.

Although such had been suspected by many for quite some time, such comments from an administration insider make such all the more relevant.

It was obvious that Trump, literally, for months following the onset of the pandemic would consistently deny and then grossly downplay the potential tragic impact of the virus, repeatedly calling it a hoax and a creation of the media, and, incredibly, a Democratic plot to help the Democrats win the then-upcoming presidential election.

As he has long referenced the COVID-19 pandemic as the China virus, as China was its place of origin, in the U.S., perhaps, the deadly pandemic should be referenced as the Trump virus, as it was mainly a result of his lack of attention and focus on this matter of historically grave concern as to why our great country has long been and continues to be, the very epicenter, internationally, of the deadly pandemic.

In addition to his lack of attention and leadership throughout the many months that our nation, and the world, has suffered as a result of the pandemic, Trump expressed extremely very little, if any, empathy or sympathy to the legions of victims of the pandemic, constantly indulging himself in self-praise and adoration, while playing endless rounds of golf, when he should have been focused on the dire needs of the American people, and, as a result of the horrible consequences of his utter lack of leadership and concern continue to be felt, and, sadly, will continue to be the case in the months to come.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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