Thanks for help in COVID fight

To the editor:

I greatly appreciate the doctors, nurses and employees at Trinity Medical Center West who treated and cared for me while I battled COVID-19 and pneumonia from Dec. 26 through Jan. 14.

Those hard-working and dedicated professionals helped me to be able to write this letter.

There are too many people to name, however, and with shift changes, I would have to estimate 50 or more people were involved in my treatment, and they know who they are.

The battle continued after being released from West and taken to Trinity Medical Center East for rehabilitation done by highly trained people for two weeks.

I cannot tell anyone what to do — wear a mask or don’t wear a mask — but I will say this: What I went through I do not wish on anyone on this planet.

Again, thank you to all — you are the professionals in the fight against the sickness that is COVID-19.

Michael B. Vukelic



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