It’s as easy as 1 and 2 — vote yes

To the editor:

On May 4, the citizens of Steubenville will have the opportunity to show their support for our municipal employees and police and fire departments along with continuing capital improvements in recreation and streets.

Issue 1 is a renewal of the city’s .07 of 1 percent income tax. This tax has been assisting the city since 1981 and has been renewed every five years since. It generates $500,000 for street improvements; $300,000 for capital improvements and in the past has included purchase of equipment for both police officers and firefighters; $100,000 for recreation improvements with the remainder to the general fund. With this levy the city was able to make major improvements and gave us an opportunity to leverage dollars for state and federal grants.

Issue 2 is a renewal of the city’s .03 of 1 percent income tax. This income tax has been in existence since 1986 and has been renewed every five years since. This tax generates much-needed dollars for the continuing services with 85 percent to operations, including municipal employees, both police officers and firefighters, and 15 percent to street improvements.

As a former city official, I cannot stress how important both issues are to our community. On May 4 we have the opportunity to make an investment in the future of our infrastructure, safety, recreation and municipal services while providing needed ongoing support of existing services. I am encouraging everyone to vote yes on both Issue 1 and Issue 2.

This is an income levy and does not affect anyone who is retired or on a fixed income.

Remember, yes plus yes equals continued services.

Again, it’s not a new tax, it’s a renewal.

Domenick Mucci

Former councilmember

and mayor



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