Coronavirsus remains an issue

To the editor:

It has been more than a year now since this deadly virus spread throughout the world. There have been millions of deaths all around us, and there are still more to come.

We have lost family members, friends and relatives from all around the world. The southern border is getting so bad that it is spreading more virus all across the United States. They are spreading the migrants all over the country without testing.

The Biden administration is not helping — its members won’t even go to the border wall to see what havoc has been caused by the open border. It’s a shame that the kids are the ones who are really hurting, being apart from their families and so on. Then you have all of these drug cartels coming in to the United States and putting all of our own people in danger.

Security officers at the border wall are doing what they can and should be congratulated for the dangerous work they are doing.

You would think the Biden administration would put an end to this problem. All that has to happen is to go to the border wall and see in-person what they have caused.

Back to the coronavirus, shouldn’t the scientists work out a mist or something to spread in the air to kill the virus, like China put it into the air?

People are tired of wearing masks and being separated from their families and friends. The virus has got to end sometime, but when?

The only thing they worry about now is the infrastructure and not the coronavirus. Well, we hope down the road they come up with a permanent cure.

Ron Fullerton



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