Look at where this is headed

To the editor:

Democrats have a strategy: Attack Trump so people don’t see how bad Biden is.

A republican form of government requires an educated and moral people; however recent voting questions and unconstitutional impeachment proceedings prove the opposite, revealing Democrats to be corrupt, deceitful, lying and carnival tricksters. When Republicans take back the House they should impeach Biden, but they won’t because they believe in the Constitution. They will not hold a sham trail with a judge who already voted for impeachment.

Let’s get to moderate, unification expert Biden. He promised to control the Chinese virus. Where’s the vaccine? Sixty thousand have died since he took office. He said only dictators rule by executive order, but he’s signed more than 50. He needs note cards to explain what he’s signing. County socialists are curiously silent on boasting of Biden’s accomplishments. Biden’s proving how great Trump is. Biden’s handlers will have him sign an executive order to resign and he won’t know it.

Biden signed the following orders: Allowing abortions up to one minute before natural birth; using our tax dollars to support overseas abortion — Biden should support adoption, not abortion; killing 70,000 high-paying gas pipeline jobs; and allowing illegal aliens to pour into America without masks, without following social distancing and with no vaccinations. Bet we’ll give them vaccines and deny Americans.

Are any local socialists willing to take in these aliens? Didn’t think so.

He sent troops to Syria, allowed China access to America’s electrical grid, raised the cost of diabetes medication, allowed males to participate in female sports — ending women basketball, softball and track, claims 19-year-olds shouldn’t pay college debt cause they can’t understand loans they sign, but says 4-year-olds can change gender.

When will unions and Blacks realize dumbocrats only want their vote? Biden and his sidekicks say walls are immoral but surround themselves with them and armed guards. They think there are more than two genders, that guns kill people, illegal aliens are legal, abortions are justified, higher taxes are good, Obamacare works and that disrespecting our flag and anthem is OK. It’s just the beginning. To make Biden look good I’d have to start taking dope like Hunter.

Vice President Kamala Harris is a fool who told West Virginia miners to transfer their skills to building and running windmills.

Why give our money to foreign countries, just have them raise their minimum wage?

A Democrat congresswoman said “If you need 30 rounds to hunt, you suck at hunting.” I say if you need a disarmed society and a fence around the White House you suck at governing.

Democrats in Congress are introducing bills to ban body armor and helmets, defensive items. Why? They’re calling for a federal secret police force to investigate white terrorists who voted conservative. Should Black Lives Matter be investigated? Do you see where this is heading?

Only cheaters and gangsters need 26,000 troops to protect themselves. Does Biden feel guilty? No, he has no conscience or morals.

Stay focused and know your options.

Barry Bardone



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