Questions about moving on

To the editor:

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman states he will not challenge the presidential election result because it will upset the process, that it’s time to move on. However, he’s fine with Democrats’ fraud, cheating and the ends-justify-the-means, win-at-any-cost philosophy, and ignoring Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. Rob, you’re history — can’t wait to vote against you. Portman doesn’t believe that 23 percent of dimwitcrats, 37 percent of independents and 70 percent Republicans believe the election was fixed.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed a Black Lives Matter advocate whose mandate is eliminating the nuclear family (74 percent of Black families are fatherless), attacking and destroying core principles of our society, to the Judiciary Committee. Thirteen percent of Democrats polled said they would not have voted for Joe Biden if they heard about his and Hunter’s Chinese activities. However, crooked news and big-tech media played major roles in suppressing information. It’s sad that Democrats are ignorant and are led like sheep by fake news and big-tech moguls’ lies, misrepresentations and falsehoods. They will soon see the error of their ways.

Here’s Pelosi’s America-first policy: Democrats passed a bill for $726 billion in foreign aid that includes gender studies in Pakistan, $100 million for a wall in Syria and $700 million for Sudan, while American’s received $173 billion. Just crumbs — her words. Give other countries our $600 check and give Americans $726 billion or give to Wounded Warriors, DAV, Tunnel to Towers, St. Jude or Shriners Hospitals. Here’s what Pelosi deems crucial: One of her dopey congressmen offered a prayer before a session that ended with “Amen and A-woman.” He doesn’t know the meaning of Amen. Politically correct or stupid — I vote stupid.

Hypocrites Biden, Kamala Harris, Pelosi and the rest of their intellectually challenged tribe (they really believe they are on par with the Founding Fathers?) hate President Donald Trump’s vaccine, but they jumped the line to get it first. That’s what hypocritical elitists do. Biden did create one job in 47 years — Hunter’s. Why is the FBI hiding Hunter’s laptap? What a swamp Democrats maintain.

From the Civil War to the present, Democrats (KKK founders) are the party of anti-Americanism. Do they feel proud of the way they win and steal elections? Of course, they have no morals or conscience. Biden’s picking losers from the Barack Obama administration for his cabinet. John Kerry, brilliant strategist of the Iran deal who has six houses, 12 cars, two yachts and a private jet, will be Biden’s environment czar. This brainless person is going to tell me to ride a bike because of so-called global warming?

Worst than having Biden for president is having Willie Brown’s ex-girlfriend Harris who’ll evoke Article 25 against Biden in the first year. Didn’t Harris passionately call Biden a racist during the primaries? Politics do make strange bedfellows.

Are socialists stupid or are they stupid because they’re socialists? With Bonnie and Clyde in office I’m sending for Peter Popoff’s miracle spring water.

Barry Bardone



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