Lasting conversion is in order

To the editor:

Following the example of Herod, who slaughtered hundreds of innocent children, on Jan. 20 we shall see the rise of a new Herod, who has multiple decades of involvement in the slaughter of millions, and vows to increase that number even beyond the ninth month of gestation. Joe Biden proudly declares an oxymoron by saying “I am Catholic” and ecstatically advocating the destruction of innocent human life, blithely ignoring the fact that “the Hebrew word for truth, emeth, refers to both truth in words and truthfulness in deeds.” (“U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults,” Page 431.)

What one says is nowhere near as important as what one does, and “the only one who has the right to take (innocent) life is the one who has created it. Nobody else has that right; not the mother, not the father, not the doctor, no agency, no conference, no government.” (St. Teresa of Calcutta, “A Call to Mercy.”)

His choices to populate the upcoming administration and his pledges and printed agenda, upon occupation of the White House, will do no less than institute “a wildnerness of deception and greed, hatred and abuse.” (Michael Dougherty, “Living with Christ.”)

In his solidarity with the culture of death and promised assault on the pro-life contingent, the gentleman exhibits the obstinate denial that “life is life, and the most beautiful gift of God to a human family, to the nation and to the whole world is the child.” (St. Teresa of Calcutta, ibid.)

May all pray that Biden undergo a true and lasting conversion into the faith he now falsely claims to follow.

Ed Bednar



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