Farewell to Donald Trump

To the editor:

I am sorry to report there are ghosts and goblins or devils that have caused the upheaval in the world.

It’s plain and simple — there are enough evil people in the world to end the world as we know it.

It’s not a question of whether Donald Trump is good or bad. He is neither. He is pure evil, with a case of delusional thoughts.

Trump brags, “I will build up the Army. I have nukes and the code to release them with a touch of a button to launch and destroy our enemies.”

Patrick Buchanan, the columnist, wrote a piece praising Trump as he is leaving office, suggesting he will be a force in the Republican Party of the future.

If Trump is a force in the future of the Republican Party, then America will become a one-party Democratic nation.

The snobs in the Republican Party will starve to death in the new world order — in which nations tend to cooperate rather than foster conflict — Democratic principles must prevail of there will be no world.

If humans do not take care of planet Earth, then Mother Nature cannot take care of humans.

The doomsday clock is ticking toward a global climate catastrophe, hurricanes, floods, cyclones, droughts, earthquakes, typhoons, food shortages and starvation like the world has never seen.

COVID-19 is just a warning shot about what is to come. Hopefully, there will be lessons learned from it. If not, pandemonium will engulf the world.

Farewell, citizen Trump.

Steve Kopa



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