Mourning and distress

To the editor:

I read a local Steelworkers union building could be demolished. It’s sad to know its only significance is the legacy of the Clintons, Obuma and Biden favoring foreign workers over our own. I wonder if Hunter Biden will be awarded the contract to raze the building? The dumbocrats are more aligned with communist Chinese philosophy than American values.

Democrats call Beijing Biden uncle Joe just as other useful idiots called Josef Stalin uncle Joe. Stalin’s quote — “People who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Liberals want us to believe Biden lost 17 of 18 bellwether precincts; lost 200 fewer counties than Barack Obama and Hil-liar-ry Clinton; lost Ohio and Florida; won millions of votes without any down ballot or coattail party votes; and millions more voted for him than Republicans down ticket. Trump received 10 million more votes, including more minority votes, than in 2016, and 95 percent of Republican voters. Biden under-performed Clinton in every major precinct except Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia, all Democrat-run cities.

Biden and cheatocrats say he won fair and square. If you cheat and win, you’re still a loser. But these people can live with being cheats, they have no conscience or morality.

Democrats want calm and unity. Maybe I’ll hold Biden’s severed head by his hair plugs, call Biden a Nazi and belittle his family. Wait — this behavior has previously been represented by the Democrats when they opposed President Trump’s election.

When the first radical Biden/Harris allows into America murders someone, we should prosecute them for depraved indifference.

Why does anyone vote Democratic? They support riots, looting, burning, mutilation of unborn babies and ANTIFA, yet they consider themselves morally superior.

After a vote dump in Pennsylvania of New York ballots, dead people and double voters recorded 580,000 for Biden, 3,200 for Trump — come on, man.

Biden’s a Catholic? He condones murdering babies and believes he doesn’t have to answer for his cheating, lying and deceiving.

Why don’t we hear from Nancy Pelosi and crying Chuck Schumer? Because they’re scheming and plotting to steal votes in Georgia. I don’t believe nor accept Biden was elected by 80 million people in a fair contest. Half of his supporters know he didn’t, the other half are gaslight victims.

Why is it of all the voting precincts in America only Democratic precincts have trouble counting votes and results always favor Democrats?

I’m amazed at local uneducated residents who have no grasp of the Electoral College system and why the Founding Fathers put it in our Constitution.

Thank you, President Donald Trump, for getting the Chinese virus vaccine to us so soon. You have business know-how to get things done. Biden will spin that he’s the savior of America — history will reveal he’s just dumb. If Biden and Kamala Harris take office, I’ll fly my American flag at half-staff (mourning) and inverted (distress) until they’re gone.

Merry Christmas — it will be our last for four years.

Barry Bardone



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