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To the editor:

On Saturday, Nov. 7, the state of Pennsylvania announced that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had secured enough legal ballots that his statewide vote lead was insurmountable, and that he would therefore be the recipient of all of that state’s electors. This further meant that Biden had secured more than 270 electoral votes nationwide and was therefore the de facto president-elect of the United States of America.

Now, I was not a supporter of Biden’s in the primaries, but I had been backing him since he had secured the party nomination. I voted for him, not so much because I was in love with the idea of a Biden administration, but because I was desperate to shed the presidency of the current miscreant-in-chief, and now that was finally a reality.

I had shown my backing mostly by ironically parroting the manner of support adopted by Donald Trump’s loyalists. They had hats, so I wore a hat. They flew Trump flags, so I, who had never flown a flag for a candidate before, flew a Biden flag. And they had parades.

So after Biden’s Pennsylvania win was announced, I took my flag, hung it from the trunk of my car and I drove around town beep-beep-beeping jubilantly. I’ll admit, there was a little schadenfreude in my approach. I didn’t honk just anywhere. I looked for Trump signs, flags, and other evidence of his supporters to blare my horn. In any other election year, most of those signs would have been taken down by the weekend, but not this year. Oh no, not in November 2020.

And strangely enough, not in December either. So come Monday, when the electoral college meets and further codifies Biden’s election, I might just have yet another one-man parade; and then another when the Congress meets on Jan. 6 to officially tabulate Biden’s win; and one final parade on Jan. 20, when Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is sworn in and Donald John Trump is removed (hopefully literally and physically) from his squat at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

If you are a Biden supporter, or (like me) just a virulent anti-Trumper, please feel free to join when you hear me drive by. Or, if you don’t live in my town, have your own little parade. Not only is the schadenfreude delicious, but it is important to demonstrate to the community at large that the racist, misogynistic, anti-scientific, generally bigoted and isolationist era of fascism has come to an end, and some of us, even in the blood-red Ohio Valley, are happy to finally see this personality cult go.

J. David Core



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