Worries about the future

To the editor:

Recently while reading my morning newspaper a picture of a woman who looked to be in her 80s holding a microphone caught my attention. I read the caption to find that she was 69-year-old “Toothless Cindy” (stage name.) I quickly realized that she and I are the same age. How did she get to this point in her life? I don’t presume to know a lot about her life, but I can share what was in the article and what I know about her country of origin.

“Toothless Cindy” is a native of Venezuela, who with approximately 1.7 million Venezuelans, have escaped to Colombia. She earns money by rapping for commuters on public buses. When she was growing up, Venezuela was one of the richest countries in the world. What happened to Venezuela? Venezuela became a socialist country that eventually turned into a communist country. Under communism everything is run by the government from health care to industry. Private property is either seized or property owners are charged enormous taxes that they can’t afford and subsequently lose their property. Communist leaders become rich while the citizens become poor. There is no longer a middle class — just the rich leaders and the poor citizens like “Toothless Cindy.” The citizens are forced to eat from garbage cans or eat their family pets to survive. Socialism is a stepping stone to Communism.

Growing up during the Cold War we learned about the horrors of communism. Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchev bragged that in 50 years the United States would become a communist country. He explained that it would not come from external forces but from within our country. It would start with our educational system. Students as young as grade school would be taught to hate our country and told that we needed to adopt socialism as a way to achieve social justice. This “education” has gone on now for many years and that is why we see so many young people demanding that we adopt socialism. They have no idea that socialism turns into communism and that their rights will be taken away.

If Joe Biden is declared president, he will put many Democratic Socialists in his cabinet. I don’t understand how someone can be a Democrat and a Socialist as democracy and socialism are two different forms of government. These socialists will fundamentally change our country and take away our rights. We will begin on the dark path to communism. Someday the middle class will be gone. There will be the rich government leaders and the poor.

My grandparents fled Eastern Europe before Communism took over so that their descendants could live in a free country where they could own land, practice their faith and work to better themselves, not the government. I pray every day that when my daughter reaches 69 years old that she is living in the same manner that I am living and that she will not be forced to live like “Toothless Cindy.”

Michalene King



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