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To the editor:

I first and foremost would like to thank those individuals who were instrumental in my campaign. My daughter, Madison, worked tirelessly and was invaluable throughout this whole campaign process. Her tenacity and intelligence with respect to where to concentrate our efforts was beyond reproach. I would like to thank my brother Donnie Smith, Ed Rice from Signs LTD LLC, Jim Freiling, Tim Eddy, Pierce Productions and Tom Fitzgerald for producing one of the most heart-felt videos featuring my daughter. I want to thank those individuals who worked behind the scenes to promote me. I also must thank everyone who submitted a letter to the editor on my behalf, especially my classmates from the United States Air Force Academy.

I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge this loss affected me deeply, but it also gave me cause to reflect and assess my future. I am not the type of person who takes defeat lightly, and this setback seemed to bolster my resolve to forge ahead. I understand that God works in mysterious ways, and when one door shuts, another door may open. The voters of Jefferson County have spoken, and they have decisively chosen the incumbent commissioner, Dave Maple. I wish him the best in the future.

During my campaign, I canvassed the county, meeting many amazing people and even though the outcome was not positive, I will remain cognizant of your concerns and issues. I would like to thank all the people who supported and believed in me. I will continue to serve to the best of my ability at the positions of commander of American Legion Post 351, Mingo Junction village administrator, Indian Creek School Board member and construction administrator at McKinley Architecture and Engineering.

I want to thank all of my supporters once again and share a tearful send-off to my daughter as she will soon embark on her journey out West to complete her engineering degree and become a pilot in the world’s greatest Air Force. I love my daughter, and I could never have been prouder of her work ethic during this campaign. I have no doubt she will fulfill her dreams.

Bob Smith

Mingo Junction


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