Stop the spread of hate

To the editor:

As we come on two weeks past Election Day, the current occupant of the White House and his supporters (cult members) are still kicking and screaming how poor wittle Donnie Trump was robbed. We always knew he would be a sore loser but, wow, his followers are behaving just like their dear leader!

A few weeks back an olive branch was offered to local Trump supporters, but, to literally no one’s surprise it was taken and snapped in half. Their petulance knows no ends.

This shouldn’t be shocking these are the folks who are still flying the tacky Trump as Rambo flags and screaming Trump 2020 even though he lost to President-elect Joseph Robinette Biden.

I for one have no desire to reach out to the delusional Trump supporters. They don’t understand that a tolerant society can not abide the intolerance they cling to, the hatred and fear of those who look and love differently then what they in their narrow mindedness have deemed right. There is no common ground with a person who claims to be pro life yet supported the cruel and heartless policies of this current so-called president. Policies from family separation to his disastrous handling of COVID 19, as of this writing more than 11 million Americans have been infected and 251,000 citizens have died.

They call themselves Republicans, but that’s not true. What they really are Trumplicans and, unfortunately, even though he will be out of the people’s house on Jan. 20, the snake oil he has sold his gullible base will continue to be shared amongst them for years and his special brand of sickness will spread if we aren’t careful.

There is a way to stop it, though. When someone is spouting hate, stand up and shut it down. Don’t give the hate and fear what it needs to thrive. Don’t sit quietly while someone spreads the virus of fear, show them that fear has no safe harbor in a civil society.

I know it can be hard when you think you are alone, but trust me you won’t be. We are here and ready to help stop the spread.

Barbara Davis



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