Little room for common ground

To the editor:

Thank you all West Virginia counties and Jefferson County for your patriotism and Republican support. Winning margins for Republican candidates in Jefferson County: President Trump, 68 percent; U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, 71 percent; state Sen. Frank Hoagland, 69 percent; state Rep. Ron Ferguson, 69 percent; Commissioners Dave Maple, 66 percent and Tony Morelli, 53 percent; and court Clerk Andrew Plesich, 62 percent — a two-to-one majority.

Deceitocrats are perpetrating the most venal scam on American people in history. Half of them know it, and like Nancy Pelosi (who partially owns a computer software company that Democratic states used in the election) hate Trump more than they love America. The other half are fed misinformation or given no information by corrupt media and hi-tech companies. Hundreds of fraudulent election activities were discovered, including giving Republicans pens to mark ballots that machines can’t process, glitches in Michigan computers redirecting 7,000 votes for Trump to Biden, the disgraceful actions by Philadelphia election board workers, backdating ballots favoring Biden and scores of other cheating incidents that have been confirmed in sworn affidavits by poll workers.

Republicans haven’t rioted, looted, burned, murdered, maimed or disrespected police protesting above atrocities. We respect law and order. Republicans will pursue legal remedies to correct discrepancies. Al Gore took 37 days in one state to count 600 ballots. Trump should take four years to account for every ballot in six states.

Democrats have no moral compass. The Nov. 8 letter “Time to find common ground” by Marjie DeFede is full of insincerity. The writer claims to be heckled for her political beliefs and claims to be God-fearing. If one murders innocent babies then one doesn’t listen to God, period. As for a call to common ground and respecting Biden — Democrats did not respect Trump’s election and boycotted his inauguration, Pelosi ripped up his State of the Union speech and then there was Trump’s phony impeachment. I’ll give Biden and others the same respect they gave President Trump and me.

She wants to talk now, but it has to be on her terms. One has to adhere to her demands because she’s incapable of tolerance, hearing the other side. It’s inconceivable the writer believes anyone should have any thoughts except those dictated by her. Here’s some of her demands. She ends each with “now we can talk,” meaning one must kowtow to her. “Do you denounce white supremacy … equal justice for all … racism and sexism?” These questions are designed to entrap.

The writer says men in her group are not questioned. Do they denounce fraudulent elections, violent ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, defunding police, paying illegal aliens’ health care and schooling, undercutting American workers and giving them more benefits then deserving American citizens? If so, now we can talk.

Republicans, remember Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto’s words after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and employ it now “… all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Thank you, Democrats.

Barry Bardone



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