Building a new majority

To the editor:

Jefferson County, along with all neighboring counties on both sides of the river, are now solidly Republican. President Trump picked up significant new Black, Hispanic and Asian voters. The days of identity politics and blind obedience to the Democratic Party are over.

Let us not take for granted our voting momentum and take this opportunity to build a more inclusive Republican Party based on the principles of American democracy, capitalism and our way of life that is vastly superior to any other society in history. How do we do this? By stating the truth through reason and facts, exposing the lies and the cover-ups of the left and their media and other pundits, and creating new models for progress for all peoples that are real and superior to the models offered by the left. Let us create real opportunity for those willing to invest in themselves versus handouts.

The Trump economy was good for everybody. A country without borders and without law and order is not a country. In just one term, Trump’s accomplishments vastly exceeded that of recent presidents, proving that you can beat the swamp. And I feel sorry for those who voted for such a worthless career politician as Joe Biden, whose only real accomplishment in life was building a multi-million-dollar influence-peddling family business. You will never do as well under the Democrats as you would under the Republicans. Better trade deals, more reshoring of manufacturing jobs back to America, energy independence (a key geostrategic advantage caused by fracking) are now in jeopardy with these liberal socialist idiots.

The silent majority must not go “quietly into the night” after this election, but instead heed the call to defend this country from those who aim to destroy it. Ignore the national media who are highly biased and out of touch with the American people. The progressive wing of the Democratic Party, the radical left Antifa are all threats to American democracy, capitalism, and everything we hold dear. They must be stopped. Biden will be nothing more than a lame duck president as long as the Senate remains Republican. Facing a Jan. 5 runoff election, two strong Georgia Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate — David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler — need your help. We need both wins to consolidate the Republican Senate majority.

In two years, let us retake the House. Nancy Pelosi’s majority was reduced (the Blue Wave never happened.) Let us build on our majority in the Senate. We need a strong challenger to get rid of that career politician and worthless liberal Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown. And across the river, Joe Manchin needs to switch to the Republican Party. In four years, let us take back the White House and send the radical left into oblivion.

As traditional loyalties have shifted, increasingly the party of the working class, community, defender of the American way of life is the Republican Party. Join us. Keep up the fight. At the end, we will triumph.

Martin Sohovich

Mingo Junction


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