Biden will work for all Americans

To the editor:

Hallelujah. Decency, dignity, honor, respect, compassion and character won on the ballot for Joe Biden for the presidency. Promotion of hatred, divisiveness, lying, destruction and poison vitriol has been rejected of President Donald Trump by the majority of the American people. He lost the election. Biden won by a majority of 306 electoral votes and more than 5 million more popular votes than Trump.

Trump has said for months that the only way he could lose the election is if there was cheating by the Democrats with mail-in-ballots. He repeated this continuously as to firmly plant that belief in his followers that if Biden won, it was due to fraud.

To review election procedures: Only registered voters can vote. If one requests a mail-in-ballot, only one ballot is issued per person. One has to follow instructions correctly to make sure the ballot will be counted. And the back of the envelope must be signed. For various states, they can only begin counting mail-ins on Election Day. When counting ballots, polling places have Democrat and Republican poll watchers.

Trump has claimed fraud in this election because he lost. He has initiated many lawsuits in various states and counties. These have been thrown out by judges one after another because they have no evidence to support the claim of fraud.

Chris Krebs, who was the national government director of cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, announced that “this was the most secure election in American history.” He said, “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised.” He publicly debunked any voter fraud claims. Because Krebs told the truth, Trump fired him on Twitter.

For people who don’t watch the mainstream news or read newspapers, you may not know Trump punishes people who tell the truth and who won’t lie for him or be corrupt for him. He is an authoritarian leader who punishes people from government agencies and departments who disagree with him on anything by firing them.

Trump has no morals or integrity and many election ads that I saw against Biden were outright lies. Unfortunately, many believed those lies because Trump got millions of votes. Various Christians have become so enamored with Trump that they also have promoted unwholesome things in their publications, videos and by word of mouth.

These are examples against Democrats: That they will make our country turn to socialism. They are Marxists and communists. They will take away your free speech and will oppress others. A supposed “Christian” video predicted cheating in the election by Democrats. Things I heard circulating online was horrible garbage against Biden. And what people told me in person I wouldn’t repeat as it was horrifying. It’s not the truth.

Biden said he will work just as hard for those who didn’t vote for him as those who did. Please look up his president-elect speech to hear what he had to say. He has given wonderful, uplifting and inspiring speeches.

Diane R. Bannister



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