Questions about emergency services

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to the editor in the hopes that the residents of Harrison County can become aware of the wonderful service the Harrison Community Hospital offers regarding ambulance service.

If you need an ambulance, the hospital offers 24/7, 911 response and 24-hour advanced life support ambulance emergency response in Harrison County. Paramedics back up volunteer ambulance services and provide advanced and basic life support for emergent and non-emergent transports. They offer sporting and special event ambulance coverage and can be reached at (740) 942-6333

Prior to my dear husband’s death, we availed ourselves of this wonderful service three times. The paramedics and EMTs were wonderful. They arrived promptly and knew exactly what to do and were able to literally save his life at these times.

The excellent part about this service is they did not request a new property tax for the residents of Harrison County in order to have this service. It is my belief that they always have a paramedic and EMT to respond to your call.

I know there is a levy on the ballot for Cadiz, Hopedale, Cadiz Township and Green Township for the Silver Spade Ambulance Service. This organization has stated that since the school has removed its levy from your property taxes you will not really notice your property taxes going up. That is true. However, if you, as I, was counting on having that entire extra amount removed from my property tax. Why vote to have anything taken out if you don’t have to in order to get ambulance service?

As I understand this new tax will generate approximately $850,000 per year for five years. I certainly am all for giving individuals jobs and more training. I certainly would hope that if you, in these townships and villages. decide to pass this levy that a paramedic will always be on these calls to be sure lives are saved. But again why pay for this with an increase in your property taxes when you do not have to when the local hospital offers all of the services as stated above.

I would encourage all property owners to ask the Silver Spade Joint Ambulance District for a copy of its joint resolution for the creation and operation of the Silver Spade Joint Ambulance Distrct before you vote for an additional property tax.

As president of the Chamber of Commerce for Harrison County, I was very pleased when the school removed the levy on property taxes for the whole county. I see one of our jobs in the chamber as working with others in the county to get new businesses and property owners to come to Harrison County. In my opinion, if property taxes go down, the area becomes more attractive.

I guess basically what I am saying is, in my opinion, we should encourage the commissioners to work with the hospital to move them to a more prominent place in responding to calls in the area.

Karen Sticht



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