Progressive movement infected with neo-paganism

To the editor:

The progressive movement has consistently shown itself infected with what Pope Benedict XVI refers to as neo-paganism; “which no longer acknowledges the sanctity of God and therefore tramples also on the sacredness of human life” (Camillo Cardinal Ruini; introduction to “God’s Revolution”). This anti-Christian left refuses to acknowledge the right to life is not granted by the government, whose main mission should be to protect and defend the humanity it is elected to serve.

A government who vehemently and consistently supports the destruction of the innocent life of one for the passing convenience of another is no different than the Casears, usurping rights belonging only to God. Compounding this injustice, this coven also supports the mandate of using taxpayer funds to support Planned Parenthood, demanding everyone be complicit in their iniquity, relegating freedom of conscience to a forlorn liberty.

Refuting the idiocy of “vote blue, no matter who,” in the choice of an adminitration, what matters most is not the political affiliation, but the morality of their beliefs and actions opposing the socialist left’s spiritual poverty as “practices which are incompatible with Christian faith” (Pope Benedict XVI).

Defense of religious freedom and respect or the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death are the true marks of Christian belief. One publically claiming to be a Catholic must let a well-formed conscience follow the immutable commandments of the creator of life, and not “the new obedience, hedged about with ‘but and however,’ which is contrary to the letter and spirit of the Council” (Pericle Cardinal Faraci; referring to disobedience to Vatican II).

Ed Bednar



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