McGeehan deserves another term

To the editor:

State Del. Pat McGeehan is a rare breed in politics: A man of his word. He has demonstrated time and time again the four cardinal virtues of courage, wisdom, temperance and justice. He never gives in to political pressure from party bosses. In this time where politics are consumed by passion, McGeehan always does his best to find common ground, based in principle, with those around him. He resists the temptation to argue from emotion and always defers to reason.

As a legislator, McGeehan shows the utmost adherence to principle over political party and the dedication to carry those convictions forward, regardless of personal cost. He does not, unlike most of my former colleagues, value the false importance of a meaningless committee title. His only concern is honoring the promise he made before God. He has faithfully kept and upheld his sacred oath of office: To support and defend the Constitution, including the entire Bill of Rights.

Just as McGeehan honors God, he honors his constituents. I have observed him working tirelessly to do all he can to function as the people’s voice with other government entities, to make sure the roads of Hancock and Brooke counties get the repairs they so badly need. He honors his daughter, Kennedy, by going out of his way to be present at every moment he possibly can. He honors his father, the late Lt. Col. Mark McGeehan, by doing everything within his power to stop the senseless sacrifice of American troops in unconstitutional wars.

Pat is the most honorable person I’ve ever had the pleasure of serving with. Those of us around our great state — who lack a representative who values integrity, accountability, honesty and liberty — are all counting on you, the voters of the First District. Please send Delegate Pat McGeehan back to Charleston for another term.

J. Michael Ihle



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