Don’t let the swamp win

To the editor:

The Clinton era ushered in a new level of corruption in American politics. The Clinton Foundation became a means of funneling money for government favors. As revealed by the Director of National Intelligence John Radcliffe, Hillary Clinton’s $10 million Steele Dossier became the genesis of the now debunked Russian investigation of President Donald Trump. According to handwritten notes by Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan, President Barack Obama had been briefed on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, while tying him to Putin and the hacking of the Democrat National Committee as a distraction from the public use of a private e-mail server. Despite millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money and prolonged years of the Robert Mueller’s Russian Investigation, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden remained silent to the truth.

“Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Elite” by Robert Schweizer provides documentation of Joe Biden’s family’s improved financial fortune when he became vice president. Biden’s brother received a lucrative construction contract in Iraq — despite not having any building experience. As revealed by the Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committee, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, received $1.5 billion from the Chinese government to invest — despite not having investment experience. While his father was Obama’s Ukraine point man, Hunter was placed on the board of Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company in Ukraine, where he made millions — despite not having any energy experience. Recently, the Senate Committee uncovered a bank deposit of $3.5 million to Hunter from the wife of a Moscow mayor’s wife. During the presidential debate, Joe Biden stated, “My son did nothing wrong” — despite the Senate’s 87-page report of Hunter’s shocking corruption.

Trump is draining the proverbial political swamp and working to improve the quality of American lives. He fights China using tariffs and taxes to return our manufacturing jobs and pharmaceuticals. In Maine, the lobster industry returned when Trump removed the five-mile Obama-Biden ban on fishing. In Minnesota, the iron ore mining returned after he lifted the Obama-Biden ban on drilling essential minerals. Our energy independence through hydraulic fracking of natural gas and oil, which Biden wants to eliminate, has reduced our need for foreign dependency. As a result, the forever wars on foreign soils are ending, and troops are returning home.

The turmoil experienced in this country through Black Lives Matter and Antifa are destroying the lives of people within the inner cities — especially Black and Latino communities. These are not civil rights’ organizations but are part of the swamp wanting to defund the police, eliminate the nuclear family and overthrow our democracy. Trump is the wall standing between our constitutional form of government and chaos.

Don’t let the swamp win.

Mary Lucille Smith



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