Do comparisons, stop critizing and vote

To the editor:

In 2016 when Donald Trump announced he was running for President I told my husband it was going to be the most interesting and fun election year we have ever seen, and it was. The enthusiasm and interest in the candidates reached even children who would not usually know or care about the election.

Since the inauguration in 2017 the hatred and bitterness that have overtaken the United States is appalling. Where did it come from and why? I watch the news on NBC and Fox and I hear what they are reporting on both sides and I have to wonder who’s right and who is wrong.

In the letters to the editor on Sunday October 11, 2020 a woman complained that Trump lied about the seriousness of the coronavirus. Truth is he did not lie, he did what he had to do but kept it as simple as possible in his media remarks. He stopped international travel and built a team of doctors to work with him on the virus guidelines. He was accused of being xenophobic and a few choice other things. He said he downplayed it in order to not panic people. Is this any different from when Bush kept reading to school kids while we were being attacked on 911? How did you like it when your children were exposed to Clinton having sex in the oval office?

Before I started writing this I googled best and worst things both Trump and Biden have done while in office. It was actually difficult to find much good things on Biden but there was a large list on Trump so I’ll just focus on the bad stuff:

Biden – Developed the 1994 Crime Bill which was responsible for mass incarcerations. He had to drop out of the 1988 presidential race for plagiarism. He voted to gut welfare, opposed school integration and voted for the Iraq War.

Trump – Downplayed the virus. Botched Hurricane Maria response, built a wall, proposed and signed terrible healthcare policies and pulled the U.S out of the Paris agreement.

During this campaign Biden has refused to name his candidates for the Supreme Court stating the American people don’t deserve to know who he would nominate. Trumps list is out. Biden has repeatedly said he wants to defund police and repeal the second amendment, Trump upholds both. Today on Twitter it was reported Biden said he is thinking of making Governor Cuomo his AG, this is the man who put all those coronavirus patients in nursing homes.

Yes, I am a Trump fan, but I believe what is fair is fair and if you want to do comparisons go on the Internet and do your own research and stop criticizing a man who has tried but not always succeeded in being a good president. When you complain about something he has done, remember other presidents have failed in areas also. After all they are only human and all humans make mistakes.

Most important is get out and vote on November 3, your opinion only counts when you mark that ballot.

Janet Sharpe



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