Corrigan will run office with dignity

To the editor:

I have a question for the Republican candidate for clerk of courts in Jefferson County. If you have seen his ads or any of his campaign material, you may be wondering about a claim he makes. Andrew Plesich says he has 18 years of experience working in the Jefferson County Courthouse. But what does this mean? Is he a county employee? Does he work in a specific county department? His name appears absolutely nowhere on the rolls of county employees, so why is he making a misleading claim? It appears he is not connected to the county. He needs to know that we, the voters, are smarter than you think.

Personally, my vote will go to a man who believes in transparency and won’t try to mislead us. Darrin Corrigan is getting my vote for Jefferson County Clerk of Courts. Unlike his opponent, Corrigan has been a county employee since 1992 and works daily with taxpaying customers in the Jefferson County water district. He also has 17 years of service in local elected offices, including eight years as a Steubenville Township Trustee, and he’s now in his ninth year as Steubenville Township’s clerk and fiscal officer. Corrigan understands county government and has been shown to always have our interests at heart. He doesn’t need to align himself with national politicians of questionable character as his opponent has. Darrin’s transparency, experience and dedication speak for themselves.

Character counts for me, honesty counts for me and I don’t appreciate attempts to mislead me when I cast my vote. Darrin Corrigan gets my vote, because I can trust him to respect me as a taxpayer and a voter. He won’t play word games with us, and he will run the clerk of courts office with dignity.

Jeannette Panebianco

Mingo Junction


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