Clerk of courts candidate supported

To the Editor:

Over the years, I have come to believe that our great nation does not need another politician. It needs leaders. Jefferson County is no different, and I have no words to express how proud I am to see my brother, Andrew Plesich, step up and become one of those leaders.

When Andrew decided to run for Jefferson County Clerk of Courts, he did not talk to many people about it. Instead, he acted. He conducted research, developed a plan and made a strong commitment. He first reached out to community leaders. Currently, he is tirelessly working to bring his message to the residents of Jefferson County that he is the most qualified candidate. He also made it abundantly clear that he stands by our police and for law and order.

I knew right away that Andrew was a perfect fit for clerk of courts. His resume is a testament to his qualifications. He is a disciplined professional and a careful decision maker. I sometimes joke with him that he should have been the older brother.

Andrew has been there for me as the best man at my wedding. He prayed for me throughout multiple military deployments, and he has been taking care of our mom since dad died. He is truly blessed to have married Elisha, who is a supportive wife and an amazing mother. Their daughter, Olivia, has brought so much joy to the family, and it has been awesome to see Andrew grow into his role as a loving father.

I regret that I am no longer a resident of the community, and I cannot cast my ballot for Andrew, but I can encourage others to make an informed choice. I have great confidence that he will serve Jefferson County well. I know how much he loves the community and decided to remain when so many others have left. When Jefferson County casts their ballots to choose a new clerk of courts, I hope they realize that Andrew Plesich chose them first. He not only believes in getting results, he produces them.

God bless everyone participating in this upcoming election and please consider Andrew Plesich, the most qualified candidate, for Jefferson County Clerk of Courts.

Brian M. Plesich

Somerton, Ariz


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