Bob Smith will not disappoint

To the editor:

When I was elected mayor of Mingo Junction in 2016, I already knew who I was going to pursue to be my village administrator.

I have known Bob Smith for more than 50 years, and I knew what he brought to the table. Smith is not only highly educated, but he is business-savvy, and if anyone was going to rescue and turn the ship around in the village, it was going to be him. I just wasn’t ready for him to do it so quickly. He provided me a roadmap of priorities and stated that I would notice a difference in the workings of the village within six months. I don’t think it took him six months to make an impact on the village.

He implemented a street paving schedule, water meter replacement, upgrades to the water treatment and waste-water treatment plants and a myriad of other projects to improve the village. Within one year, the village experienced a revenue carryover in the water and wastewater treatment plants. At first, I was amazed about how efficient and effortless he made it seem. The morale of the employees and staff was at its highest because they could see how dedicated this man was to providing positive outcomes for the village.

I have the highest regard for Bob Smith, and there is no one I know who has more integrity or a stronger work ethic than him. He presented me a list of his accomplishments, and I could not believe what he had accomplished in four years. He has procured grants approaching $1 million and has accomplished these feats while working part-time as my village administrator.

A vote for Bob Smith for Jefferson County commissioner is a vote for prosperity in the county. Give him a chance, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Mayor Ed Fithen

Mingo Junction


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