A vote for continued growth, prosperity

To the Editor:

When I first moved to the Ohio Valley in 1993, one of the first families that I met was the entire Morelli family. Being neighbors for decades, the relationships that developed bonded into lasting friendships. What became immediately evident was our shared values and concerns for our families. Through all these years, we have watched out for one another and always made ourselves available to each other, especially in times of need.

Today, we speak frequently of what we want for our community and what will meet the needs to continue to see growth in our area. When Tony Morelli first spoke of running for commissioner, I immediately knew that he was prepared to bring his assets to the people of Jefferson County. As most of you know, the Friends of Cross Creek has been working hard fighting our current Cross Ridge landfill issues, and Tony has supported us 100 percent. At this time in his personal career, where he has the time to commit to a full-time position as commissioner, I have no doubt that a vote for Tony Morelli will only result in continued growth and prosperity for our county.

Alan J. Bozich



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