Trump hates you, too

To the editor:

In less than a month I will turn 85 years old, so I’ve seen quite a few things in my long life, but I can honestly say I have never seen anything like the hate that has been on display the past four years.

The current occupant of the people’s house is a huge part of the hate as he does nothing but create division among communities, friends and families.

In the not too distant past it didn’t matter who your family or friends voted for — most of the time it wasn’t even discussed. Sadly now that is not the case. This man and his rhetoric has caused neighbors to turn against neighbors and families who never had a cross word with each other to go on the attack. He has turned issues that shouldn’t be political into just another battleground for people to die on, literally in the case of his weak response to the pandemic.

Wearing a mask shouldn’t be political, but he has made it so. My generation lived through World War II and made sacrifices for our country, we did so willingly because it was for the good of all, yet today there are folks in this country who proudly say they don’t care what happens to their family or neighbors, calling people who wear masks sheep, attacking the retail workers whose jobs and lives are put in jeopardy because people refuse to see the humanity in others and instead only care about their own comfort. How would these people have handled the air raid sirens? Would they have turned off their lights and pulled the blinds to protect their towns or would they have turned on the flood lights and made everyone a target. How would they have handled buying groceries with a ration book, or would they have called the grocery clerk a nasty name? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Another thing that is troubling are the “parades” for Donald Trump. They are disturbing and from what I witnessed in Wintersville this past weekend hateful. People standing on the sidewalk screaming “F” all Democrats, attacking Joe Biden, waving Trump flags that read No More Bulls**t, “F” Your Feelings and make liberals cry again. Is this how you show your community what fine people you are? Do you think you made someone passing through town feel welcome? Do you think you made the customers at McDonald’s feel good? I personally felt nothing but pity for your children and grandchildren, because in the future looking back at yourselves you will be so ashamed of your behavior.

Remember you may praise Trump today because he hates the same people you do, but never forget this — he hates you, too.

Patricia Dickey



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