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To the editor:

During the 2016 presidential election, candidate Donald Trump often repeated three points that supported his political aspirations: The poll numbers are wrong, fake news is everywhere and the election could be rigged. Those words were true then and hold true today.

Data used to compile polling numbers is based on citizen participation. With many people wary of phone and Internet scams, the task of getting a random and varied sampling of voters becomes more difficult and less accurate. So I must agree when Trump said to disregard the predictions. Ignore the polls. Just exercise your right to vote.

Fake news runs rampant. Again, I agree. Foreign trolls and bots push false stories on the Internet at will. Unfortunately, Americans take the bait and we do our adversaries’ work for them. When QAnon is taken as a legitimate news source over CNN, our perspective is truly threatened by fake news.

When it comes to rigging the 2020 election, some really hard work is being put into this one. Messing with the United State Postal Service, trying to prevent voting by mail in certain states, providing less or nonfunctioning voting equipment to highly populated areas or even closing urban polling sites at the last minute are all successful voter-suppression tactics. Funny that the president predicts rigging, then creates the policy that destines it to happen — just not to him.

Since we have proven ourselves to be easily manipulated and unwilling to fact-check anything, we also can expect the ultimate election-rigging technique to be used by the president again. I’m talking about the infamous “October surprise.” My prediction is that an ugly fake news scandal about Vice President Joe Biden will drop early enough to take hold, but too late to refute. Be forewarned.

Winston Churchill said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Alberta Mader



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