Morelli looking to the future

To the editor:

I have known Tony Morelli for a number of years. We have engaged in conversations about our county in which I believe he shows interest in the welfare of the citizens of Jefferson County. I support Tony Morelli to be our next county commissioner.

Morelli was born and raised in Jefferson County. He began his career in the family business, Morelli Brothers Block and Brick Inc. He then worked for 30 years in a local chemical company where he was instrumental in helping the company grow both locally and in Indianapolis. Morelli returned to Jefferson County in 2001 and worked locally until his retirement.

His business career has given him the knowledge and skills to make decisions on such areas as budgets, human resources and workplace safety. Tony’s business knowledge is beneficial to run our county now and in the future. The skills that Morelli would use as a county commissioner include controlling costs, securing state-of-the-art equipment, hiring strong department heads and bringing new businesses to our county.

Morelli’s commitment to our area has been shown in his activities with many groups and organizations. Some of those organizations include Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boy Scouts of America, the Friendship Room, Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority, Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission and the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce.

He has developed a list of issues that he would like to work on as a county commissioner. The first issue is economic development. He has identified several areas for improvement including better utilizing our river and rail system and using northern and southern areas of our county for industrial investments. The next issue is substance abuse assistance. Morelli has studied the types of treatments and their success rate. He has determined that an inpatient treatment center is needed in our county, and he will work to develop this type of treatment program. The third issue is poor broadband service in areas of our county. He has identified areas in our county where high-speed Internet and cell phone service are not available. As a county commissioner, Morelli will reach out to providers to attempt to correct this problem. The fourth issue is public housing solutions. As a member of the Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Board, he has identified the need to have more housing options outside Steubenville in other areas of the county.

Since he is retired, Morelli will be readily available to the citizens of Jefferson County and can devote countless hours to the job of county commissioner. He believes that it is our responsibility to mentor the next generation of leaders. He has pledged to mentor the next generation by encouraging service on local boards and focus groups in our county.

I believe that Tony Morelli cares about Jefferson County and will use his knowledge and skills to work for the citizens of our county. A vote for Tony Morelli is a vote for the future of Jefferson County.

Michalene A. King



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