Fletcher right choice for state Senate

To the editor:

In the upcoming election for state Senate District 30, Michael Fletcher is the clear choice. One only needs to talk with him a short time to realize how deeply he cares about the future of Ohio.

Fletcher is passionate about providing equal opportunity for all citizens. He knows that we have the opportunity to better Ohio for the next generation, including reinvesting in infrastructure, adequately funding public education and creating a health care system that works for everyone. As a former EMT, Fletcher has seen families struggle with the lack of access to adequate health care; he knows that the current insurance system is dysfunctional, controlled by overpaid insurance executives.

If elected, he would focus on taking care of veterans and the homeless, the issue of drug abuse and the opioid crisis and taking mental health care seriously.

Fletcher also would focus on rebuilding the economy. Many rural communities do not have access to high-speed Internet, which is especially troubling given the isolation that the pandemic has created. He has pledged to expand access to high-quality Internet to all Ohioans. He also will restore infrastructure by working to remove barriers put in place by the state government, thereby allowing communities to have more local control. He understands the importance of using local and union labor to boost the economy; he has been endorsed by the National Education Association and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Fletcher is equally dedicated to fixing the partisan divide. His ability to actively listen and speak with civility is evident in his relationships. He also is committed to being accessible as a legislator. Even if you disagree with his point of view, he will take the time to speak with constituents and truly listen to them. He recognizes that being an elected official is about serving all of the people, not just those who have voted for him.

Michael Fletcher is committed to creating a responsive state government that serves all constituents. When November comes, vote for a better Ohio.

Abigail Gilman



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