Unite to do right

To the editor:

Too many politicians are more worried about getting re-elected than doing the job they were elected to do. That’s the message I share with people as I campaign across the Ohio Valley. I’ve seen that problem too many times to count over the last few years — legislators letting down their constituents over and over again. Politicians lacking the courage to stand up against special interests to protect our local interests. It’s wrong, and it needs to end.

We need to put people over politics. It’s how I’ve been able to help push real reforms through Congress. Bi-partisan reforms that have improved health care for veterans, leveled the scales of our criminal justice system and given terminally ill people the right to try life-saving medical treatments. You get things done when you start with the issues people agree on.

Calls across the country to “defund the police” are foolish, and they certainly won’t bring good results. The government wastes far too many of our tax dollars, and there are a lot of places we should be cutting government spending to keep more money in the pockets of hard-working taxpayers. However, our law enforcement budget is one of the few places where better funding will actually lead to better results. We should be ensuring that those who choose to protect and serve have our full support by investing in training. We also should make sure our police departments and sheriff’s offices are adequately staffed rather than stretched too thin.

As far as the violent riots, tearing down statues and destroying private property, these are crimes, and they need treated as such. Innocent men, women and children have been injured and killed while their homes and businesses have been ruined. This is unacceptable.

We live in the greatest country in the history of the world. It isn’t perfect, and I have dedicated my career to making it better for the next generation. Frederick Douglass once said he would, “unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.” I live by those words, and I hope you’ll join me. Please check out my website ronforohio.com to learn more.

Ron Ferguson



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