Trump works hard for Americans

To the editor:

We have something in America that is more deadly than any COVID-19 Virus.

It’s called anarchy (a state of lawlessness and disorder and the lack of common-sense government authority.)

No person, place, neighborhood or infrastructure is safe.

It has the ability to turn a peaceful protest into a nightmare of violence, rioting, burning police cars, injuring and killing policemen and civilians in their way.

Legal and peaceful protests for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have been hijacked by the radical left and the worthless governors and mayors of cities and states most affected are letting anarchists do their dirty work.

Local politicians ignore the pleas of their law-abiding citizens and applaud the statue toppling, building burning, destroying of businesses and the de-funding of the police departments.

These same heartless politicians are actually stupid enough to say it’s only “things” that are being destroyed.

And they’re right “things” like human lives, families’ livelihood, homes, churches and monuments that remind us of the bad things the United States has corrected and good we want to pass on to our children and their children’s children.

The progressive/socialist swamp creatures and their followers are doing everything possible to stop the first president in a long time that works harder every day for every freedom-loving American and our country than any president has in recent history.

They are now calling for a mail-in election with no proof of citizenship or any type of identification.

The last good Democrat President John Kennedy tried to alert us of the shadow government swamp creatures that are pulling the strings and getting rich at the expense of the American people.

We now have a president who has vowed to drain the same swamp, and has gone through the hell of fake accusations, lies, hearings, investigations and impeachment proceedings that went nowhere.

Just as George Washington at the Battle of Monongahela had two horses shot out from under him and four bullet holes through his coat, President Donald Trump keeps moving forward all for the betterment of our nation.

Just as it was with our first president and now our 45th president, with God’s protection he will continue to move forward.

Trump 2020

Chuck White



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