Socialism should be feared

To the editor:

Everyone should be fearful of socialism in an American society. Socialism implies more government control of goods, services and energy resources and less individual freedom and responsibilities. Money and government are in the hands of a few government bureaucrats. It is not for the people and by the people — but instead imposed upon the people. These policies are contrary to the rights, privileges and liberties afforded the individual within our Constitution.

I have spoken to individuals who have escaped from Venezuela and Cuba, are currently living in Florida and provided the following information about their countries.

The promise of socialism in Venezuela has within 10 years destroyed the economy. The government took over the energy sector, ousted American oil companies and was unable to produce the quality goods and services. This led to a deterioration of society, and Venezuelans were starving and eating out of Dumpsters.

Cuba is another socialist society promising equality to everyone. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor was the mantra. (Does this sound familiar?) The end result was that everyone became poor. Students were promised free college, (Does that sound familiar?) but upon graduation, there were no jobs or opportunities. The totalitarian government — not the individual — owns the homes and properties. If not maintained, the buildings deteriorate. While the Cuban people have sparse food and on average make $25 a month, Fidel Castro, who started the socialist revolution, died with a net worth of $900 million.

Capitalists believe the government does not use economic resources as efficiently as private enterprises, and that reciprocal, free markets generally determine economic winners and losers. The capitalist economy system is characterized by private ownership of assets and businesses. American democracy, with its representative form of government, provides opportunity for upward mobility and has been able to lift more people from poverty than any other type of society. Witnessing the public/private partnership with laboratories, facilities and innovations available within the commercial sector to overcome a pandemic can only happen in a capitalistic society. Through the use of the Defense Production Act, the federal government mandated corporations produce ventilators, medications and personal protection equipment. The whole of America means assembling government and private industry to achieve goals for all Americans.

A free society sometimes becomes complacent and falls prey to failed government policies, such as socialism and communism. The democratic presidential candidates have endorsed socialistic policies of high taxes; elimination of oil and gas, which will raise utility costs and destroy the economy; and governmental control of properties and homes under the guise of social equality to devastate neighborhoods.

Individuals consumed with leftist propaganda should read “The Problem with Socialism” by Thomas J. DiLorenzo. This book shows the result of onerous taxes, regulations and a welfare state that halts a society until it no longer functions. Who wants to destroy a successful society for the promise of free, free, free with the cost of these freebies resulting in national bankruptcy and a destruction of democratic freedoms?

Mary Lucille Smith



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