Jefferson County is resilient

To the editor:

I wanted to share a story of encouragement with my fellow citizens of Jefferson County. Although we are challenged by an unknown virus along with ever-changing and seemingly conflicting regulations and scientific opinions, we must take appropriate precautions. As the father of a 2-year-old daughter with a wife who works as a physical therapy assistant we are vigilant with following CDC protocols to ensure that we are protecting ourselves and, most importantly, those with whom we come into contact. At the same time, we realize that life goes on, and we all need to adjust to this new normal for the foreseeable future.

Since I announced my candidacy for Jefferson County clerk of courts, I have had the incredible opportunity to personally meet with hundreds of voters. I am amazed, but not surprised, at the resilience and fortitude of our friends and neighbors from Irondale to Yorkville and all points in-between. I found that Jefferson County residents have many excellent questions and concerns about their county government. The overwhelming welcome and engagement have been refreshing and encouraging to me, and I thank you for your receptiveness, hospitality, and honesty. Simply put, you have questions and concerns and want to be able to look someone in the eye and know that your voice is heard. Our incredible conversations have strengthened my resolve and commitment to make this year’s election process as normal as it possibly can be despite these difficult circumstances.

You can contact me, and learn more about my qualifications, on my website plesichforclerk.com. I look forward to talking with you and hope to earn your vote for Jefferson County clerk of courts.

Andrew Plesich



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