Isn’t it time for change?

To the editor:

Here we go again with the abuse of power. Recent events are very disturbing. When President Trump sends mercenaries to American cities to kidnap Americans off the street, throw gas bombs and shoot unarmed citizens in their faces with rubber bullets who are exercising their constitutional rights, is authoritarianism at our doorstep? Or is he getting ready for martial law if he doesn’t like the election results? What about the peaceful protesters in the Washington, D.C., park who got gassed and beat so he could walk across the street to take a picture with a Bible?

Did you know he forced our ambassador to the United Kingdom to see if they would change the British Open golf tournament to his golf course in Scotland that is failing and needs money. Again, abuse of power and against the law.

What about you veterans? Are you OK with him knowing Putin is paying a bounty to the Taliban for dead American soldiers, and he’s done nothing about it?

This president said he won’t sign any stimulus bill unless it has the payroll tax reduction pertaining to Social Security. Again, they are still trying to take away Social Security and Medicare from the American citizens. Didn’t he say he wouldn’t touch it? And he doesn’t want to pay another $600 for the unemployment that is running out? Maybe they’ll get $400. See how much he cares about you?

A narcissist is “a personality disorder pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, lack of empathy or consideration for others, excessive need for admiration, manipulative, selfish, demanding.” He’s not shown any empathy for the 150,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19 and won’t take responsibility for it, he calls himself a genius, needs to have rallies to hear the cheers from people he calls the uneducated and manipulates everyone around him.

So, will you be voting for a person who doesn’t care about our military personnel overseas having a target on their backs, lack of empathy for 150,000 dead Americans, has mercenaries invading our cities, a racist, narcissist, funnels our tax dollars into his businesses (again golfing at his course as Americans die and another storm coming), has disregard for the law and says about his recently arrested friend who is a child sex trafficker, “I wish her well?” Really? I would say, “I hope she rots in that hot place.”

Most Americans just want affordable health care, medicine and housing, the rich to pay their fair share of taxes, and a job that pays a livable wage. Wages have not gone up, and it is not acceptable as CEOs get millions of dollars in bonuses each year and their employees live paycheck to paycheck. And please, a sane adult in the White House. Time for a change?

Linda Caputo



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