Biden can’t really relate

To the editor:

Bumbling basement buffoon Joe Biden recently stated on CNBC, “I have a record with 40 years, I’m going to beat Joe Biden.”

“I’m going to raise your taxes.”

“I relate to the working man, I’m from Scranton.”

He hasn’t lived there for 65 years, He’s been a Washington, D.C., swamp politician since 1972, somehow becoming a multimillionaire while serving the people. Yeah, he relates to us. The man changes his mind more than a new mother changes diapers. Biden wants to divert — redirect — money (defund) from the police. Biden stated he wants more Islam taught in schools. He doesn’t care about rioting, looting, burning, murdering — he’s surrounded by armed guards in his basement. He’s Bernie Sander’s empty suit for socialism. Donald Trump — jobs, Biden — mobs. Biden wants 550,000 charging stations across America for electric cars that do 150 miles before needing a charge. How long does a car take to charge and where does the energy for stations come from. Windmills?

More than 100 police agencies pulled out of protecting Democratic National Convention. Democrats should hire Antifa. Biden’s another practicing Catholic like Nancy Pelosi, who believes in murdering babies.

Charles Wade, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, was arrested in 2016 for prostitution and child sex trafficking-modern-day slave trading.

California’s teachers union demands defunding police and not allowing school choice. This helps them teach kids? Dimwitcrats are OK with you going to grocery, hardware, liquor and pot stores, but demand mail-in votes — it’s not about the Chinese virus.

Some nincompoop statements have been made in this paper’s letter forum. Examples: Trump sent mercenaries to shoot unarmed peaceful protesters. Mercenaries? Trump hired Hessian soldiers? Are you blind– did a rioter point a laser into your eyes as they do police? This writer is woefully misinformed about these despicable actions approved by Democrat progressives.

One angry writer is obsessed with Trump supporters, fans, voters and claims he knows about some murder Trump’s covering up and “wants – nay demands — answers.” Nay sounds so sophisticated and intellectual.

I also want — nay demand — answers on Joe and Hunter Biden’s Ukraine cover-up.

Another insists we forgive and forget Robert Byrd for his proven vile KKK membership where he rose to Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops, and his public use of the ‘N’ word. This knucklehead wanted to crucify a judge on unsubstantiated accusations of sexual abuse by a lying operative. What a hypocrite.

Two white writers boast of knowing Black people. One said they knew Blacks in school, his best friend was Black. Another bragged about how great she feels about helping Blacks get housing (which was her job.) Talk about white liberal guilt. These two believe they know about race relations by their stories. One says we should be ashamed of ourselves. How dare she apologize for me. Watch the movie “Lean On Me,” about Eastside High School in Paterson, N.J., my alma mater, and then talk to me about my many Black friends, teammates and neighbors.

Barry Bardone



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