Area is blessed by providers

To the editor:

Before retiring from professional practices in Steubenville and Columbus, I frequently advised clients and colleagues to never take for granted high-quality services they received. We Americans know how to complain quite well. We should find ways to voice praise when receiving exceptional service, whether it is given by individuals in medical fields, retail, communications, etc.

In that spirit, I wish to acknowledge three individuals who provide exceptional care and service to myself and others — Drs. Coleen Hart, Suresh Srinvasan and Nurse Practitioner Brittany Klinger, APRN, FNPC, possess the qualities on one of their business cards: Reverence, integrity, compassion, excellence.

When I sat in the waiting room, a gentleman in his late 80s said, “Boy, Brittany gives me all of the time I need. She doesn’t rush me out like some doctors do.” They all believe in prevention and do not follow the dictum, “A pill for every symptom.” Our valley is blessed by these providers.

In closing, we entrust our lives to those in the medical community. Let their superiors or administrators know what you think of them.

Helen Martin, MA

Patient advocate



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