When will war on police end?

To the editor:

The death of George Floyd at the hands of four police officers was a tragedy. His death sparked protests throughout the country. The First Amendment of our Constitution gives “the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Peaceful protests have now become riots, looting and “autonomous zones” in certain areas of our country. The police have been attacked during many of these riots. Some community leaders have limited the powers of their police forces to control these disturbances. An autonomous zone (CHAZ/CHOP) was established in Seattle, which the mayor called a “Summer of Love.” First responders were not allowed in that area, even after a young man was shot. He subsequently died from those injuries. The citizens who have homes and businesses in that area are afraid for their lives and livelihoods. CHOP has now been removed, but not before the loss of life and property. The mayor of Seattle did not protect the citizens of her city and there is talk that the CHOP protesters are looking for another place in Seattle to set up another “autonomous zone.”

Our police are under attack in many areas. Hundreds of police have been injured and killed by the rioters and looters. Some people, including elected officials, are calling to defund the police or dissolve the police forces in their areas. Minneapolis City Council has passed a resolution to disband their police force and replace the police force with some other type of professionals such as social workers. Three members of that city council have hired private security guards at the taxpayers’ expense. The City Council is concerned about their own safety, but not the safety of the citizens they were elected to serve. Mayors in cities such as New York and Los Angeles plan to cut funding to police departments. In Los Angeles, one of the departments that will receive decreased funding is the special victims unit. This unit deals with crimes against children, sexual assault and sex trafficking. How can anyone justify cutting funding for such an important department?

I believe that there has been a war on our police forces since President Barack Obama said “Cops are stupid.” People who want to become police attend a police academy for basic training. Many have college degrees in law enforcement. They take an oath to uphold the law. They receive ongoing training and must qualify yearly in order to carry a firearm. Every time they leave their homes to go to work their loved ones wonder if they will return home. They serve and protect the community. There are a few police officers who use excessive force that harms or kills a suspect. All police officers should not be judged by those few bad cops and subjected to abuse and harm while attempting to do their job.

When will the rioting and the war on police end?

Michalene King



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