We can’t stay silent

To the editor:

Given the present circumstances of the evil of racism being brought more fully into the light of thought, it would be the opportune time to share reflections on the Black Lives Matter movement.

As a Catholic Christian, I denounce all forms of bigotry. With the technology of our 21st century, we are witnessing the cold-blooded murder of our Black brothers and sisters. These horrific injustices are nothing new. The difference now is we no longer are separated from it. We view the abuse on the nightly news, YouTube and other various means of putting out information for our viewing.

Bishop Robert Barron has referred to these atrocities as “America’s original sin.” He speaks of Thomas Jefferson whipping one of his slaves and contrasts the plush living quarters Jefferson had compared to the living conditions of his slaves. To find the video, go to YouTube and type in “Bishop Barron on Charlotte Charlottesville and America’s original sin.”

Racism is a virus that has contaminated our country from its beginnings. All lives matter is a given, but right now the attention is on the lives of our Black brothers and sisters. As a people we are better informed and we are learning what was never taught in our school history books.

It is imperative that we confront the evil of racism head on, not with violence but with prayer, fighting in an intelligent manner with conversation and pushing for changes in legislation.

As a Catholic, I cannot and I will not remain silent on this issue.

Mary O’Connor



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