Trump ignores murders

To the editor:

By now it should be obvious to anyone with any sense that Donald Trump’s going to go down as the worst president in modern history, if not all American history. Yet still he has supporters. He still has fans. And worst of all, he still has voters. Why on earth would anyone who claims to love America, who claims to be a patriot, who claims to believe in democracy and the rule-of-law, and to support the troops want to give this racist, misogynist, self-serving, incompetent, traitorous monster a second term?

It’s been two weeks since the New York Times’ revelation that Russia’s government spy unit, GRU, has been paying Taliban fighters a reward for any American soldiers they kill, and that Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and other White House officials were briefed on Russia’s bounty program early this year, and nothing was done. In fact, we know Trump continued giving Russia political support, arguing they should be included in the G-7 and insisting sanctions weren’t needed.

This wouldn’t the first time Trump ignored the wholesale murder of Americans overseas at the hands of tyrants whom he later gave political cover. He did the same when Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was implicated in the brutal murder and dismemberment of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, which led to Trump saying the prince was “a person who can keep things under check… I mean that in a positive way;” and after NK killed American student Otto Warmbier Trump said Kim Jong-Un, “has a great and beautiful vision for his country.” Treason is Trump’s M.O. It’s not a bug; it’s a feature.

Trump claims he was never briefed about the Russian plot, an excuse which strains credibility, but even if true it wouldn’t make things better, as it suggests intelligence officials responsible for briefing POTUS didn’t think he could be trusted to not run to Putin and give away the investigation. At worst he knew and did nothing, at best his own people consider him a security risk. In any other administration, this would be Watergate/ times Lewinsky/ times Teapot Dome-level scandal.

Remember Benghazi? Recall how irate Republicans were, and how they demanded answers from President Barack Obama’s secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, holding numerous hearings and subjecting everyone involved to lengthy probes and threats of prison time because not enough was done in the heat of the moment, in their opinions, to save the lives of four Americans because “national security” or something? In fact, this was so much a platform of contention for Republicans it became a sort of meme with the word “Benghazi” itself becoming synonymous with a specific type of scandal: Inaction costing American lives overseas. Well, let’s call this episode Bounty-ghazi. Bounty-ghazi is easily many times worse than Benghazi. It’s an ongoing spy-op which has probably already cost tens of American soldiers lives, as well as the lives of allies, while paying rubles to their killers. The American people want — nay — demand answers.

J. David Core



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