Time to stop the hate

To the editor:

In 1972, I was a freshman at Steubenville High School.

On the first day of school, I went to my home room, study hall 202.

Sitting behind me was Joyce Houst. By the time home room was over, Joyce and I were friends.

So what, you say. My friend Joyce Ann Houst is Black. So what? I remember how upset I would get seeing people stare at us, and Joyce would say that it was OK. No, it was not OK then, and it is not OK today.

It is worse today. Who do we (some people) think we are, judging people because of the color of someone’s skin, and who do we think we are treating them any differently.

We should be ashamed of ourselves.

In 1986, I was hired by the Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority as a property manager, and my career lasted 30 years.

I can honestly say I never looked at skin color. My residents were low-and moderate-income persons. They needed my help. They did not need me to judge them. I love them.

Around 15 years into my career, I met a new resident, Aleta Monroe.

She was hired by JMHA and became my co-worker. More important, we became friends. Aleta is Black. So what? I love her.

I cannot believe that in 2020 we still are talking about the color of someone’s skin and continue to have racial problems.

Really, people, we have so many other problems that are so much more important, like some police officers (not all) think it is OK to take their lives. We are going backward, not forward.

I truly hope, pray and believe once Donald Trump is out of office we will. It’s time to take back our country and stop being so full of hate.

Sara Gaylord DiCarlantonio



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