This country needs a healer

To the editor:

While Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, is putting together a national coalition of leaders that will address these horrendous problems we are having, and there are many, Trump stokes the flaming embers and throws gasoline on the fire because he knows it will please his base — a base he needs to keep in check now more than ever as Republican statesmen across this country are taking a second look at this conman occupying the White House.

George Will, the conservative opinion columnist who is concerned as to what Trump has done to his beloved Republican Party, said of Trump’s administration, “This may be Katrina, Benghazi and Watergate rolled into one term.”

Bill Schneider, senior political analyst and current teacher at George Mason University’s School of Public Policy states, “Trump has a fatal flaw of character. He lacks the ability to understand and share feelings of others. That’s a serious flaw at a time when so many Americans are suffering from health and anxiety and economic setbacks.”

Biden will lead with integrity and will work with everyone to help this country heal. He will be known as the healer in chief. Yes, he resides in his basement where he gets daily reports from scientists on the pandemic while Trump spends his mornings tweeting and re-tweeting conspiracy theories instead of leading the country. In a time of pandemic, economic collapse and rioting in the streets, Trump issues a political ad for people to fear these things will happen under Biden, but are happening right under his nose in his own administration.

Trump is desperate because he can’t peg Biden as an unlikable guy or as a criminal, when he just committed a real crime by commuting his longtime friend Roger Stone. Stone, who received seven felony convictions for his deeds during the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, will not go to jail. All presidents grant pardons but pardoning Stone for keeping quiet over criminal activity where a president is under investigation is a criminal cover-up. Nixon was guilty of a cover-up, but never pardoned or commuted the Watergate burglars.

As we get closer to election day, Trump’s White House and his campaign staff will do more and more to discredit everyone who speaks their mind rather than be “yes” men. However, the COVID-19 tests and, unfortunately, deaths will be his nemesis. It’s his Katrina. His next step will be hiding information from the public. Then he will come forward on TV that day and blame the media for causing hysteria and enforce his powers around the country to stop the spread of scientific fact from reaching our eyes and ears. That day will be the day he takes a full-blown dictatorship of our beautiful nation. Oh wait, he’s doing that right now as I type. From now on, hospitals will report COVID-19 criteria to Alex Azar’s HHS and not to the CDC, and cutting the CDC of funding is being considered. Let that sink in.

Kathy Antinone



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