Imagine what Trump will do

To the editor:

On June 26, first the New York Times and then the Wall Street Journal verified and reported that in March U.S. intelligence briefed President Donald Trump that Russia’s GRU offered Taliban fighters a bounty for killing American soldiers and actually have paid the bounty to some Taliban for deaths of U.S. forces. What did the so-called president do with this information? Did he stand up for American service members? Did he sanction Russia? No he did not. What he did do was speak to his buddy Vladimir Putin about reinstating Russia into the G7. He wanted to host the G7 and have the Russian leader who paid a bounty for dead Americans be his guest of honor on American soil. Does that sound like America first? Trump also stood in front of graduating cadets at West Point, addressed them and saluted them knowing what the Russian government had and was doing. Was that photo stunt making America great?

Trump has proven time and again that he doesn’t care about the American people. At the time of this writing, more than 125,000 Americans are dead from coronavirus with a staggering 2.5 million Americans infected. Does 45 encourage mask wearing? Will he himself wear a mask? No, and instead he holds his little ego-boosting rallies and begs people to “love him.” Do these events make us a better nation?

As people across the nation and all over the globe protest for racial justice and equality, what does the president do? Does he speak to the nation about how we can heal and reach out to the victims of police brutality? No, he doesn’t. He builds a fence around the White House and hides in the bunker then defends the long dead Confederacy. How do these actions help heal a wounded nation?

When asked by a Fox News host what he wanted to accomplish in his second term (if he should win) Trump did not name one thing, instead he rambled on about how he was so great and that a “friend” called him the most perfect person.

I’m wondering how Christians feel about that one. I’m also wondering how religious folk feel about Trump tear-gassing protesters and Episcopal priests to clear the area in front of St. John’s church for his little photo-op with a Bible. When asked by a reporter if the Bible in his hand was a family Bible his reply was it’s “a bible.” Does anyone really think Donnie has a family bible? Does anyone believe he has even opened a Bible? This appeared to be just another stunt for the reality show president to try and appeal to his evangelical supporters, because all he has in his playbook are stunts and sound bites, nothing of substance.

This was how Trump spent just the month of June stoking racial divisions, pandering to his base and giving Russia a pass on the deaths of American soldiers.

Imagine the destruction he will do by November.

Barbara Davis



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