Thanks for help with recovery

To the editor:

I am a COVID-19 survivor and recoverer in Jefferson County. I am still not sure how I contracted COVID-19. I had gone into the hospital for three days at the end of March and was diagnosed with COVID-19. I was discharged with breathing treatments and told to start home treatments on March 30. It was a very scary place to be, as this was new to me and, basically, the county.

On the very same day, prior to discharge, I was called by county Health Commissioner Nicole Balakos. She started with questioning contact tracing information immediately with all the people and family members that I had been in contact with to ensure that they could be treated if they were showing symptoms, not only for their safety, but for the safety of their contacts.

They went over a plan for recovery that not only included being quarantined, but daily breathing treatments and medicines that could help. She was very professional throughout the recovery period. I am deeply indebted to and impressed with their daily phone calls and check-ups for guidance, progress and recovery plans, not only by the health commission, but from the nursing staff, including Hannah Piko and Kim Slivka, on my progress as I worked through the coronavirus. This was all new to me and my family, and I am grateful for all the guidance, concern and genuine care for me and my family.

In closing, they walked me through the whole recovery period and still maintain a relationship with ongoing treatments and suggestions. Thank you to the health commissioner, nurses and staff for helping me along the road to recovery.

Nick Demitras



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