Living in a different world

To the editor:

I read the June 14 letter written by Chuck White (“Biden’s election would be a disaster”) and had to answer that letter back with his own words, which were “the first thing that came to my mind, are you nuts?”

The writer claims that President Trump “works day and night to make things better for all Americans.” It leads me to think that maybe this writer is existing in another world, because the current president hasn’t made things better for most Americans, just his base. He hasn’t made things better for seniors, whose Social Security checks can’t cover basic living costs anymore, for poor people who are denied health care because they can’t pay, for immigrant children separated from their parents and kept in detention for years now or for the many deaths caused by COVID-19, due to his delayed response.

He hasn’t made things better for our foreign policy, when he tried to sell it out to Ukraine in order to benefit his re-election campaign; his tax cut only benefited the rich and gave crumbs to the rest of us; and he rolled back more than 85 environmental regulations that protected our air, water and forests, just to benefit corporate interests, not all Americans. He certainly didn’t help all Americans when he stood up for white supremacist protesters at Charlottesville by calling them “very fine people,” and he didn’t help all Americans when he called for law enforcement to “dominate” during current protests, and followed it up by ordering the unleashing of tear gas on peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C., so that he could have a photo-op with “a Bible” (not his Bible) outside St. John’s church.

Later, he was gleeful over what he called “overwhelming force” and “domination.”

The writer also claims his blood is boiling after reading an article concerning criticism of Trump by four-star Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis. Mattis says “Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people.” Mattis is not alone in that assessment by military people. He’s joined by four-star Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, five-star Navy Adm. Mike Mullen and four-star Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, who have made similar statements.

They can see the instances I’ve listed above that White can’t, which again leads me to believe he’s living in another world. I hope someday he comes back to Earth, when we actually do have a president who works day and night to make things better for all Americans. We’ll have that after Nov. 3 when Joe Biden is elected and brings back “One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

Kim Fluharty



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